The Volkswagen parts that Tuttle’s Parts Exchange re-manufactures are all tested in house on our own motors before they are shipped out to customers. Any parts that our company chooses to source elsewhere are sent to companies who meet our criteria in quality and dependability.

Aluminum cylinder head welding is an art that requires a great deal of knowledge. We at Tuttle’s have mastered that art and as a result produce the highest quality products in the industry.

We also machine engine crank cases after they are cleaned and crack checked. Tuttle’s will line bore each engine case to size and then bore gauge it to make sure the size is correct.

The crankshafts are ground to Mr.Tuttle’s specific size and then highly polished.

The flywheels are ground to spec, blasted, and then dowel pin holes are checked for size.

Tuttle’s Parts Exchange also specializes in the rebuilding of connecting rods. The rods are re-bushed,cleaned,capped, re-sized, and then straightened.

The camshafts and lifters sold are all Volkswagen cores, no after-market rejects.

Tuttle’s Parts Exchange also provides years of experience to customers purchasing the parts to ensure that they are ordering the correct parts and installing them correctly. The best part in the world is only as good as the installer.

The parts shown above are our most popular sellers, but by no means our entire inventory. If there is a part you need and don’t see below, please contact us at 626-338-7224 or Greg@tuttlesvwparts.com and we’ll be sure to help you find what you’re looking for.